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The short answer is no. This is not going to happen.

People are mixing up Lucas arts the games publisher with Lucas films.

It is much easier to make a movie bump up to HD or enhance it then to go back and make kotor1/2 HD. Games are more likely to break if you play with them. Since the new operating systems on the computer sometimes have issues with running an old game like kotor1/2 I can only see that they would gave to tweak and update the game which = money.

On top of that the two kotor games are by different developers so they could not even make a deal with bioware to do something like HD and hid the cost.

Film and games have two different business plans.

We might see future games in the time line of the old republic but not made by bioware, will be another game developer.

I personally never heard of a game being updated line this when the game is several years old.

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