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"It's probably a good idea you let me examine you later on. It has not been exactly a pleasure ride you've been on lately."

"It hasn't been that long, but it couldn't hurt. Not much has changed, though I did have a bout of morning sickness in one of the least likely of places." Kalla jokingly replied.

"I can sense it as well, we should leave now if we want to get to the child in time."

"You're right. Let's get moving." She responded, pressing a button on the wall to close the loading ramp.

Returning to the cockpit, she said to Jun-la, "Everyone's aboard, and we're ready to go."

At that point, a transmission came in over the comm. "We're about to leave as well." Komad sent to them.

"Ok. We'll meet up with you in a few hours." Kalla replied.

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