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The scientist took the proffered pistol into her hands as if it were a dangerous biological specimen. From what Cadice knew of firearms, one should always assume they are loaded. Therefore, she treated the weapon that Onyx handed her quite gingerly. "I would appreciate that very much, sir," she answered, although a bit apprehensively. "In my home as a girl, we never kept weapons. If there were burglars, our family figured that the SecuroTech Advanced alarm system we had installed would keep us from any harm. Thankfully, the one robber that dared invade our house had his eardrums damaged due to the high-frequency signal, and that's that." A slight blush came to her cheeks. Ah! I sound like a complete idiot. This man knows guns, and I'm babbling inanely!

Clearing her throat, she continued, "I presume that if we're going to try this out, it will not be here, in a room full of innocent bystanders." Here I go again...

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