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"That's enough! Butting heads and questioning decisions made on a private matter is over! You're soldiers, we're on base, and preparing for deployment, act like it! Now follow the Sergeant's orders and get your gear in the armory...And leave personal matters amongst others personal! Understood!?"

Kaivon stood straight up and saluted. "Sir yes Sir!" He said as he stared straight ahead. "I apologize for my behavior sir!" He said again as he turned and headed for the armory. Kaivon was already wearing his Titan12 suit but he always thought it was a good idea to carry a few extra firearms around with him when going on missions or even when going outside. It was better safe than sorry when it came to possible Brieder attacks.

I think I need to make a better impression on these people. He thought as he continued to walk towards the armory. Apparently I didn't make a good first impression.
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