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Well I for one never liked the idea of taking the KOTOR genre away from RPG and moving into an MMO, I think that just ruins stories. I refuse to have anything to do with ToR simply for that fact. However, that is a topic that has already been discussed in great detail on threads in forums that number as high as Yoda's midi-chlorian count.

But even given that I certainly have a bias against ToR, (and agreeing with Darth Dan 012's eloquent response) I still think that to include Revan in such a way and finish his saga by saying that he was just a pawn of the True Sith Emperor during the Jedi Civil War and was held in stasis for 300 years after only to be a side-bar in an MMO in his final moments really tarnishes his story. I'm not saying that Revan needed to become God-incarnate or that he needed to kill Chuck Norris in KOTOR III for me to be satisfied, but, to paraphrase what I've seen in a few reviews of the new Revan novel, "it feels like this answer to the question of what happened to Revan was not a well thought out and fair ending but rather a means to finally shutup the people who have been whining for a KOTOR III for years." It just feels like they wanted something quick to fill in the gap so they could have their moneymaker and not be accused by the fan-base of ignoring their pleas. A proverbial "have their cake and eat it too" if you will.

Personally I would have much preferred that they had ignored Revan and the Exile altogether for ToR and left their fate's to obscurity rather than end them the way that they did. I mean...come on, the Exile finds Revan in the Unknown Regions only to be stabbed in the back by a Sith under-Lord? After defeating the Sith Triumvirate in the Dark Wars you finish her arc by stabbing her in the back and becoming a Force-IV bag for Revan?
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