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Onyx stayed silent, a bit in disbelief on everything that had happened. He looked around at everyone else for a few seconds while he gathered his thoughts. Perhaps he would check up on her...later though...he feared she might kill him for speaking up. She was still right, even if he was certain he hadn't done too much to contribute. Sure he gave a civilian with zero combat experience a weapon, but at least he didn't bicker with anyone yet.

Drew seemed to be confrontational, but Onyx truly didn't mind his cocky nature. In fact he somewhat found his attitude welcoming. His sister seemed nice too, but he had done enough damage talking to two females already. There was no need for him to butcher his sentences in an attempt at a conversation with her. The other large armored guy didn't seem too bad. He was just a bit on the quiet side, not that there was anything wrong with that.

Onyx stopped going through each and every squad member that was on this team. Hopefully they could all get their act together before they actually left, him included. He turned to the Shade once more, a look of worry slowly forming on his hidden face.

"Sir? We're screwed...aren't we?" Onyx asked.
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