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*pokes head in*

It's after midnight here in CA and I participated in the protest blackout. It isn't about tightening up copyrights and avoiding pirating, it's trying to take freedoms away by way of a creeping incrimentalism.

Now yes, I understand their sentiment about the undermining of profits and yes it needs to be addressed for the future of internet commerce, BUT they are going about it the *wrong* way. This can only backfire in the severest ways culminating in limitations on communications and in turn it would hinder the very business they are trying to protect.

Black Knight of Keno had something in his sig (from memory or lack thereof) about how copyrights are on an inevitable collision course with freedom in communication. Either we give up copyright and privacy in communications continues, or copyright laws prevail and we give up private communications as a concept.

If you want my opinion or further discussion with me personally on SOPA, VM or PM me. I'm not too fond of this subforum anymore.
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