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Ebon Hawk

"This ship is thousands of years old, brother. Noone expects a ship to last that long." Kalla commented. "I have to go. Doctor Pradhes is going to want to see me about you-know-what." She then left the cockpit for the main hold.

Upon entering, she approached Lenatha and asked, "Doctor, you said you wanted to examine me?"

Resistance Dropship, Ackbar Hangar

"Other than some unexpected news from my daughter, it's been business as usual. And you?" Komad replied. Looking around a moment, he added, "Tavaryn, I trust you've met Jedi Masters Tywin Mede and Quinlan Vel? Master Vel was Greea's apprentice when she was pregnant with Kalla."

(I can't believe it's been almost two years since Greea was mentioned)

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