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Originally Posted by Darth333 View Post
I'd be nice if we could hear it...I wonder what it would sound like without the excessive reverb?
Don't pretty much all artists nowadays use tons of sound processing and effects in studio recordings? Doesn't bother me if it fits the song, which I think the kind of ghostly effect it produces does in this case.

(Just makes it troublesome when performing live if you're used to doing a 10 man choir on your own I guess )

Originally Posted by Canderis View Post
I hope they fix the forsworn quest issue that keeps me from entering markarth now....
What's the Forsworn Quest Issue? Only problem I've experienced with the Forsworn Conspiracy so far is that if I do it after the local crime syndicate (Silver-Blood) has been installed as Jarl the Stormcloak town guards won't stay dead for more than a few days.

(Well, that and my previously unblemished criminal record getting stuck with a "Largest lifetime bounty" stat of 1000 after doing it. )

Originally Posted by ChAiNz.2da View Post
1.4 Patch and CK release coming soon!
Very nice. A shame it took this long though, if it had been available during the christmas holidays I'd have had more time to play around with the construction kit. Still got some modding done, but doing it low-level with FO3 TESsnip and an incomplete NifSkope is rather bothersome.

I just hope they've tested this patch properly too so it doesn't cause more problems than it solves, like the earlier ones. Maybe I can finally take Steam out of Offline Mode then and upgrade from Skyrim v1.1.21

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