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I believe in the old addage "give credit, where credit is do" and of course these artists and copyright holders by all means SHOULD be entitled to payment for their hard earned work. However, as it stands with such a poorly written, ambiguously vague bill as SOPA anyone seen photographed wearing a T-shirt with the Pepsi logo on it potentially could get hammered for copyright infringment. That Is from what I understand to be the bigger "scope" that has everyone up in arms, if this thing passes things are seriously going to get out of hand. But hey I will give my U.S. government one thing; when they qactually see something through until the end they tend to get 100% results - that is of course excluding a 99% jobless ecconomy, healthcare crisis, and a US economy on the verge of bankruptcy nigh due to all of these future fantastic lawsuits that will be popping up. But of course the internet right now is much, much more important than getting the ecconomy back on its feet or those jobs that were promised three years ago. How about that healthcare package? Naw the interwebz is way more important.
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