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Originally Posted by 90 SK View Post
Crazier citizens will shoot it down with threats. I don't think these laws will change how we experience this kind of media within a four year radius, at any rate. But grab what you can. Imagine a perfectly legal internet, where goods are sold legitimately at the rate we consume music of illegitimacy, lets say. Now imagine laws that snap some sense into our current system, and a reasonable system of server and domain jurisdiction in cooperation with the various governments... hey, a way for us to all get together! And systems preventing the piracy of said content. Establishment of information sharing and sharing licenses, music players and subscription systems? Why not. Technology to enhance and redistribute the delivery of media and information.

I myself would love to see the end of internet piracy and... lets say, copletely lax usage of popular culture power by people... literally decked out in illegality, who do not understand the real risk of pushing these types of goods without properly purchasing them.
I'm not clear if this is sarcasm or not?

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