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"Sir, ma'am, it's getting close to departure time,"

Mio was hardly aware that the Shade had entered her quarters, when she turned to him she put on a quizzical face until she finally registered what he had said.

"Oh yes, thank you", she said as she stood up. Checked her terminal once again for the report she had sent to her father and surprisingly enough, she received a response. "Medic on board". That was the only thing he wrote. She sighed a little, once again not taking into account that the Shade was still present.

"Let us go then", she waited at the door so he would walk out first and then she walked out, closing her door and locking it. She then began walking to the hangar. She was resisting to go deep in thought, being her father's daughter, she was well aware of the capabilities of a Shade, she immediately put up her defenses, something her father had schooled her in as top brass also needed to protect themselves from mind intrusion, which came very easy to Shades, and as such she couldn't afford to let her mind wonder off.

"Can I ask you something?", Mio asked the Shade, for all he knew, she was playing a game of blackjack in her mind, to shield her from him going deeper, of course training to keep her mind from being entered took years and years of practice, it was only until Erica and Andrew had to use their powers combined that they could extract something from her, she didn't like it, but her father wouldn't take no for an answer. "I get this is a very important mission, but as a General's daughter even I know that something is being kept from us and the presence of a Shade further confirms my suspicions. Can I trust you to follow my judgement?"

She knew this was a long shot, Shades were trained to execute mission objectives, chain of command be damned. But she had to try.

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