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In my opinion, The Old Republic is not really a sequel to the KotOR franchise. Apart from the references to KotOR that are there for the fanboys and plot points that tie up the loose ends about Revan, the Exile and other characters from the games, it shares not much with the KotOR franchise, I think. The music, while always nice to hear, doesn't fit the setting, which is enforced when I hear Manaan's Theme on Alderaan or Tatooine's Theme on the ravaged Taris world. (okay, that led me to a nostalgia trip through KotOR music on Youtube, dammit!)

To me, these little things don't do much to hide the fact that this game is not a KotOR game, but stands completely on its own, with its own themes, stories and artistic designs. Which is fine by me, of course. I just wish they hadn't advertised this as KotORs 4 to 10-11-12 or whatever it was.

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