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A Fantasy RP created by MsFicwriter


The rumbling sound was not what haunted Per'dra Eyrir as she slept. It was the roar that came afterward, long and painful, as loud as one of her little brother's shouts that had been directed straight into her ear! However, young Ralthen was gone now, as was the roaring. It had only been an illusion, borne of her recurring nightmare. She'd had it again this moonless night, and she sighed. I'm as soaked as if I wet the bed, Per'dra thought ruefully, except with sweat instead of that smellier liquid! Speaking of which... She pulled a crude porcelain pot from beneath her bed and used it, spilling the contents out of the side window when she finished. No one was around this time of night, save drunkards and stray animals. Maybe my nightmares have a purpose. Perhaps if I didn't have them, I wouldn't be awake enough to know that I... Per'dra smiled and shook her head.

"That's not the reason," she murmured to herself as she went back to bed. These terrible dreams were different. In fact, they weren't so terrible until she heard the roar. Per'dra had always been scared of sudden loud noises. It was a trait of which Ralthen had taken gleeful advantage, until a fever had taken him at the age of six. Not even the slums' herbalists had known what to do. If we would have been richer, we could have afforded to donate to a real priest for his or her services. However, we'd always had to choose bread or healing if something like that happened! Father chose bread for us over a cure for Ralthen, and now... She remembered his white-blonde hair, always a-tangle! When he hadn't been trying to scare her, Per'dra's brother had been trying to make her laugh, play with her, or hug her (his favorite one of all)!

Don't cry, weakling! Listen for the rumble, and the roar won't frighten you. However, she knew this self-recrimination wouldn't help. What was making that noise, that phantom sound that not only roused her from deep sleep, but made her remember it for days afterward? Per'dra prayed that it wouldn't come again as slumber's tendrils curled around her once more, warm and soft.

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