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The response Onyx got from the Shade wasn't one he was expecting to hear. Its not that he was expecting some sort of comfort, he wouldn't have asked the Shade otherwise as he knew of their honesty. Still to hear that this was essentially a suicide mission wasn't something he was ready for. For once he decided not to speak, but simply stare at the Shade until he left.

Onyx let out a quiet sigh to himself as he watched the Shade for a few more seconds. He was afraid of death, but who wasn't? He knew of his responsibilities as a soldier and he was well aware of the risks...but to go on a mission where their chances were already stacked against them still took some getting used to. Would he run away? No, he wouldn't let fear overcome him like that.

"You're always screwed in war. Especially if you fight with no purpose."

Onyx snapped his head in Jacob's direction upon hearing that. His tone seemed to be like the Shade's, but at least there seemed to be some humanity in his statement. He knew simply having a reason to fight wouldn't win a war, but it did boost moral.

"Right...well I'll see you at the hangar bay," Onyx said before walking away.

Onyx decided just to walk there now, and wait for the others. This would give him the time he needed to set up for the mission anyway. He checked the small device that was on his left arm to make sure it was up and running. This was his hacking device for the most part. He also powered up his special shades to make sure they were ready as well. He equipped them with the standard HUD, as well as a few different visions. He could also check on the team's vitals, something he set up as soon as he found out he was going on this mission. He wasn't a talented medic, but he could at least monitor his squad still.

A smile found its way back to Onyx's hidden face, and it wasn't just because toying with his gear again. To fight without a purpose is nothing to be proud of. Luckily he had his purpose in this war. He was here to keep the others safe from the Brieders, just like the other soldiers. Now he was also determined to prove his worth to the others in his squad. As of now they probably saw him as the babbling geeky guy. Well that might be true, but he was a good soldier. He'd show Sergeant Kobayakawa that he was put on her squad for a reason, and make up for his previous "talks" with her. He also had a desire to hopefully impress the Shade. With his gear all set up, weapons picked out, and confidence back, he was ready to go.
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