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Stone Complex:

A man clad in a black cloak stood inside of an ancient stone complex - built atop a mountain overlooking the scenery of the grasslands. Another man walked inside, albeit injured - very. The cloaked man slammed his fist into the stone next to him, and turned around to face the other man.

"You've got to be kidding me.", the cloaked Purge Officer said to the other man, glaring at him with fire in his eyes.

"He distracted me! He would have killed me if I didn't run away!", the other man replied, in a shaking voice.

"You were distracted? Would you be distracted if someone were to jingle bells in front of you too? Who falls for that? All I'm hearing is excuses.", the Officer replied, hollowly.

"You never dueled Tael! You have no idea how easily he could defeat you.", the other man said, his voice raising.

"You've gotten yourself beaten by quite possibly the most overrated warrior in all the lands. You're payment is impossible now, and leaves it up to me.", He paused, getting more annoyed with the man, "I should've expected as much for enlisting the help of mercenaries, and humans at that! What the h*ll was I thinking? Sazhen Almighty, all of you have been worthless!", he said, ridiculing the man even further.

"I've gotten closer to killing him than any of the others!", the mercenary snapped back.

"But not close enough.", the Officer replied, "Your usefulness has ended. I'll find someone else."

With that, he plunged his knife into the man's chest, effectively killing him.

He turned around and stared outside, disgusted.

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