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How fast can you run, Tegan? No one leaves the Shadow Academy! The parting words of Tegan Diral's mentor continued to haunt her, even after five years. She had always tried to the right thing, but there was no denying her true calling. She was an assassin, whether she liked it or not. True, she had little choice in joining the Shadow Academy, but they only took her because they saw her aptitude for the art of killing.

It didn't take long for her to realise that they could train her, but they couldn't indoctrinate her. She still was willing to kill the despot, or the crime lord, or the corrupt politician with ease, and for all her superiors knew, the same held true for her less deserving targets. For all they knew.

When she learned of the Shadow Academy's involvement with the Purge, she knew her typical secret defiance wouldn't be enough. There was only one real option:flee.

Her mentor had been true to his word, and there had been attempts made to bring her back, and after the tenth failed attempt, they got the message.

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