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Three years... Has it really been that long?

Emi thought to herself as she stared to the wall of the corner of the cantina which at this time of night seemed very empty. People were not really going out of their homes with patrols from the purge all over the place. She had her bangs hanging down the side of her scarred face, only the side that had no scarring was visible to people.

A middle-aged woman came over to her.

"What can I get you traveller?", the woman asked.

"Eh?", Emi looked up only slightly and then back to her lap. "A g-glass of w-water please".

The woman laughed a little and brought her hand to her waist.

"Water's for horses dear", she said and paused when she could tell that the young woman in front of her seemed to shiver a little. "I know just what to get you, it my own recipe, I'll be right back."

The woman then left her alone. Emi kept her eyes on her lap, occasionally looking up to watch the door or anyone approaching her, but so far, there wasn't anything suspicious.

The woman then came back with a large mug and set it down in front of her, by the looks of it, the liquid was hot.

"Be careful when you drink it, it's very hot, it's a tea mixture I make for me husband. I hope you like it, it doesn't have any alcohol in it, so you'll be fine, and it'll keep you warm", the woman said.

Emi looked up a bit and gave the woman an earnest, however small smile.

"T-thank... you", Emi said and the woman smiled before going away back to tend to some drunkards she kicked out.

Emi then took the mug and started blowing on it so it would cool down. The night air was indeed cold and the woman probably mistook Emi's quivering because of her shyness for her being cold. But anyways, the woman seemed to have made the right decision, as Emi took a little drink of the mug and then couldn't stop herself from drinking a little more and more.

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