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Well, this certainly isn't as easy as I thought it would be, the knight thought as the weapons of his opponets slammed into his armor and knocked him back a few steps.

Valron managed to catch himself before he hit the ground and brought his broadsword around and caught one of his opponets across the chest and was about to bring the sword back to strike at the opponet behind him when he felt a sudden pain in his head as his second opponet cracked him over the head with his battle-axe. He muttered under his breath as he quickly turned around and cut through the wooden hilt of the weapon, sending the business end of the axe to the floor.

"Tell me," Valron said in a mocking cheerful voice. "With your friend dead and your weapon in pieces what do you expect to do? I will let you go under one condition: You tell me where I can find a member of the purge who is higher up then a foot solder. Someone who actually knows something of value."

The man said nothing and valron sighed. He didn't enjoy killing but he was a man of his word. He brought his sword down directly on the man's heart and quickly ended his life.

Perhaps someone at the tavern may know something. He thought as he wiped the blood off the sword and began to slowly walk towards the nearby town. He had found these two by asking around the tavern earlier this week and for all he knew...perhaps someone could directly him to more members of the purge.
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