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"Comin' right up, me good sir," Meara answered as she poured a mug of hot tea for Tael. Before delivering it over to him, however, the tavern wench slipped something bitter into a pewter wineglass for Per'dra that wasn't wine at all. It was absinthe, straight.

"Essence of wormwood," she nearly whispered while giving the bard's hand a slight touch. She handed the cup over as if it contained a magic liquid. "It clears the memory."

Per'dra took a sip, and then coughed! It was exceedingly strong, but she could already feel her recollection of the nightmare slipping away. Perfect... Then she noticed someone, a brown-haired, blue-eyed man, speaking to her. Even seconds after she'd finished taking her first sip of the absinthe, her power of comprehension was not as sharp as it had been. "Oh? I...suppose you could help me with this one, but it's not your usual nightmare, milord." Smiling sheepishly, she continued, "A roar paralyzes me."

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