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"A paralyzing roar," Rhys replied whilst thinking but of no use.

"Maybe it's something from your childhood. I mean a lot of traumatizing things roar. Bears, Pumas, Dragons, hell I've seen see a tree roar once. Any of those form a part in your childhood?" Rhys said, smiling at the memory of the roaring tree. He could smile at the idea now. At the time the fun was spoilt by the tree's attempt to eat him. Rhys hoped by focusing on the idea this nightmare of hers was born through a bad experience as a child he'd be able to determine through the process of elimination whether or not her dream meant something. If not I could atleast say I made a friend, he joked to himself.

He took a quick break in order to signal for a refill. A good old fashion wolf hunt did bring out the thirst in a man. "Sorry, I don't understand. Probably a mixture of tiredness, booze and me being a little bit stupid. A roar in a dream doesn't really - how did you put it? - make the dream unusual."

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