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Before she knew it, a man was sitting at her table. She moved her eyes from her lap to the man and back to her lap as quickly as an arrow shot.

"Pardon me madam, but could I inquire as to what exactly you have there?", he inquired.

"Eh?", she said in what could be perceived as a shriek, high pitched, but very low volume. "I... I..."

Before she could answer though, another person sat at the table and answered the man's question.

"I've had that stuff before. It's a non-alcoholic tea mix the bartender originally came up with for her husband. It's particularly good if you've got a hangover."

She was glad her part of that conversation was over, but it didn't take long for her to be in another, this time, it was the woman who had started it.

"I'm Tegan, by the way."

Emi moved her eyes towards her as she had done with the man and then back to her lap. She had a very good memory and somehow with such quick peeks, she was able to register the face of the person and the voice of whoever spoke. It was part of her training, but she wasn't accustomed to crowds, especially not crowds seeking her attention. She wasn't very good with people, then again people for the most part had been awful towards her in her past, especially after the fire. All of these things had caused her to seclude herself and isolate herself, she had become so distant from others that she had no idea how to interact with them, and in her timidness and shyness, she sometimes shielded herself from everyone around her pulling herself deep into her own world. But she knew she had to resist for now, it was only two people. She started to shiver only slightly

"E-Emi...", she muttered in what was almost a whisper, it was so quiet, it almost was drowned out by the small amount of sound in the tavern.

But even after saying her name, her eyes remained glued to her lap.

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