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Originally Posted by TKA-001
You basically beat me to the punch dissecting Andon's post.

Originally Posted by Andon Key
The Force represents raw power as it is in the nature, not politics. So let us concentrate on the force powers here and compare Kun and Sidious by their force abilities.
Some people are judging the powers of Sith lords by other means than raw power, just so you know. Force skills, manipulation, effectiveness, etc., are some of the other measures people are using.

And if the Force is in everything, then it is also in the ebb and flow of politics as well.

Also, if we are considering Force abilities alone, then note other powerful Force abilities Sith lords have had that rival or surpass Kun's.

In Dark Empire, Palpatine created a gigantic Force storm that effortlessly destroyed an entire Rebel starfleet.

In Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords, Darth Nihilus sucked all life off an entire planet, at least once as we are specifically told, and it is implied he has done so to other worlds as well. Kun only drained one species; Nihilus drained it all, plants, animals, people - even an entire Conclave of Jedi Masters.

As told in the novel Revan, the Sith Emperor Vitiate also drained the planet of Nathema. But it states that where Katarr (the world Nihilus is famous for draining) was a wound in the Force, Nathema became a dead spot in the Force. There was no color, no joy, no life, no Force.

I too was once enamored of Exar Kun's "great power" and considered him greater than Palpatine. However:

1) Even if Exar Kun were theoretically more powerful in the Force than Palpatine, Palpatine has demonstrated more power, in the above-mentioned Force storm.

2) Although it took 1000s of Jedi to imprison Kun within a wall of light, it is also implied (in the comic series Dark Lords of the Sith and The Sith War) that that was due not merely to his personal power, but to both his draining of the Massassi and the various Sith temples that focused dark side power onto Yavin 4 in general and himself in particular.

3) Some of Exar Kun's demonstrated power also comes from artifacts rather than his own abilities. The Sith amulet that is specifically stated to amplify his power, and the amulet of Freedon Nadd that you mentioned. Freedon Nadd was nothing special, by the way - not even a true Sith. All he ever managed was to be the petty king of an out-of-the-way planet.

4) Many powers that Exar Kun used are stated to be "ancient Sith techniques" that he learned from Holocrons and scrolls looted on Ossus. I believe Naga Sadow was attributed the source of the draining and/or cosmic spirit ritual Kun attempts at the end of The Sith War, though it's been so long since I read it, I can't remember for sure.

5) Kun did indeed survive for 4000 years - as a spirit imprisoned on Yavin 4. Marka Ragnos' spirit survived over 5000 years, from the opening of Golden Age of the Sith comic series to the end of the video game Jedi Academy, and he appeared on multiple worlds over the galaxy. The True Sith Emperor Vitiate gained true immortality, living for at least 1500 years in a physical existence, rather than a disembodied spirit or needing to switch bodies

6) Finally, note that there are many inconsistencies throughout EU canon. It may be impossible to conclusively determine the "most powerful".

Originally Posted by DarthJango/Weasley
Not to mention he kicked ol obi wans ass!
When did he do this? In Episode III, Obi-wan won their duel conclusively. In Episode IV, Obi-wan deliberately sacrificed himself; we have no way of knowing who would have won if Ben had actually fought to win.
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