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Per'dra's voice had frequently been compared to music, which was only natural given her occupation. Right now, however, its tempo was a bit off. No musician was ever perfect, whether the notes came from his or her instruments or vocal cords. As she gazed into the Elf's eyes, she heard her words emerge with a quavering, tremulous fear. Blinking, she murmured:

"In my nightmares, a dragon has been calling out to me: V'toryv, the Second of Creation. She is the Great Wyrm who first breathed life into Sazhen' at the command of the Ultimate. Right now, her soul is becoming trapped in the Void, where the condemned find no peace. The Purge seeks her blood, and the blood of her scaled children, in order to increase their power. She guards the Spine of Sazhen' with her very life. If I don't find V'toryv before the Purge does, all is lost. If she perishes, this entire world shall collapse upon itself."

Blinking, she continued: "As for are ageless and magnificent. If I have any more dreams--any more communication from V'toryv--you can help."
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