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I got this game just before Christmas, in expectation of the new gaming computer I knew my brother was looking into getting for me. The thing is a beast, especially compared to the other computers I've owned in my life - I've never been able to play a game sooner than a year, even a year and a half, after its original release. So I knew that the first game I played on it had to be one that would blow away anything I'd played before. I believe I chose well.

I chose Imperial as my race, though at the time I was entirely ignorant of base stat boosts and such. My playstyle is called Spellsword, according to a friend of mine who has the official strategy guide: I wear heavy armour (Legendary Daedric, if you're curious), use a sword in one hand (also Legendary Daedric, if I'm not fighting a dragon; Dragonbane if I am) and expert level Destruction Magic in the other.

I joined the Stormcloaks for no other reason than I hate the Thalmor. With a burning passion. I slaughter any I find on the road. It's worth the ~300 septim bribe I hand out to any nearby guards afterwards, just to see those arrogant sods dead. I did find Windhelm's population a disappointment, though, in their random bigotry. Next time I plan on avoiding the civil war sidestory entirely, to be honest. As well as the Dark Brotherhood storyarch, which I've found fairly feable so far to be honest.

My next character will likely be a complete shift in play style. I'll likely go with a Khajit, to take advantage of their stealth and theiving bonuses. Looking forward to it, especially once I get it high enough in level to justify going for the Nightingale armour.
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