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Originally Posted by Miltiades View Post
Impossible. I did one Heroic +2 quest with two other people on Tython and already reached Social I. Impossible, that is unless your group never stays together to turn in the mission, because only then you get the Social Points earned during conversations (which is what has been stated before, but am now doubting myself because I remember leaving the group before turning the mission in but I did earn enough social points to reach I - whatever the case, 10 points is apparently all you need, so it'd be strange that a few Heroics wouldn't yield that much).
I have 6 marks on my social bar. I believe you need 10 to reach Rank 1.
Heroics only give you social points if you group. I have soloe'd all but (2) Heroic 4's on Taris (which is where I got my 6 marks)

I pugged a Heroic 4 on Coruscant, however for the conversation I didn't take part.. I "holo-called" in (the party leader reached the turn-in point well ahead of me) and apparently that doesn't give you an option to take part of the conversation to achieve social points, just the reward and whatnot. At least in my case it did

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