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Originally Posted by DarthParametric View Post
Social 1 should be about 75 pts from memory. You aren't going to ding that from any single heroic. You only get 2 pts per party member for lines you win the roll for, and 1 pt per line you don't. Even with a 4 man party, for most quests you'd be likely to only average 20-25 pts or so (unless you use black magic to influence the dice roll, like Lynk).
No, that's 750 for Social II. Social I needs 10 points.

@Chainz: I guess it depends on how many members there are in a group: 2 people get between 2-4 points, 3 people between 3-6 and 4 between 4-8. Also, I don't know exactly if you get social points if you holocall, but I do know that the codex says that you do not get dialog choices when holocalling if the mission requires you to do a physical action (like handing over an object, etc.).

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