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Originally Posted by Alkonium View Post
Both sides hate the Thalmor equally, and as a true son of Cyrodiil, I have no problem with both serving the Legion, and slaughtering Thalmor.
True, but the Empire isn't in any hurry to stand up to the Thalmor either. I'm pretty sure it was Mahatma Gandhi who said: "To believe something, but not live it, is dishonest".

Originally Posted by stoffe View Post
There are thankfully several ways to kill Thalmor without getting a bounty on your head. In most cases you can just talk to them and ask what's wrong with worshipping Talos and they'll attack you first, allowing you to put them out of their misery without getting any bounty.
I'll have to try that next time - I've just been attacking them on sight, to be honest.

Originally Posted by stoffe View Post
Also, if you join the Companions in Whiterun and advance far enough in that plotline to be invited into The Circle, you can...
Show spoiler
I have completed the Companions quest, actually. And I mean completed completed - I've already rid myself of their little secret.

Originally Posted by stoffe View Post
And there's also the classic Elder Scrolls method of being allowed to kill someone without being considered a criminal, the Frenzy line of Illusion spells. If they don't see you while you cast the spell it won't affect your criminal record, and they'll attack you (and each other) first, allowing you to kill them without legal consequences.
I've used so little Illusion magic that I haven't even seen a Frenzy spelltome yet, to be honest. Or if I have, I've entirely forgotten it. I pretty much only use Destruction, with the occasional Magelight from Alteration when I'm in a dark enough area (Blackreach, for example).

Thanks for the tips, though. I'll definitely have to try egging them into attacking me first.
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