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The Bard took this opportunity to smile with relief. Truth be told, she had been visibly shaken, not only by the revelation of her nightmare, but by the Elf and his mysterious way of entering others' dreams. Turning to Tael, she replied:

"I've finally discovered what's been haunting me all these nights, via the aid of my newest acquaintance." She gestured toward the Elf. "That's what happened. It seems a dragon has been present in my dreams: the last Wyrm that exists." How much should I tell him about what I really learned? The Purge may not have chosen this tavern as its next target to burn--as they've been doing with houses of ill repute and other slum buildings--but what if their spies are here? "That dragon was causing the soundless roar that always woke me up. You know how it is in dreams: what's louder than thunder to you can't be heard by anyone else." She rolled her eyes. "It's a good thing I'm alone. If I'd had a husband beside me these past few weeks, he might as well have moved out due to all my thrashing about while he's trying to sleep, and kicking off the covers!"
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