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The door to the tavern opened quietly as Valron pushed his way through and headed straight for a man who was quietly sitting at a table all by himself. Valron didn't give the man a chance to move before he sat down at the table and grabbed his arm. He lifted the viewer of his helmet and stared at the man with anger very much evident in his eyes.

"Two more common solders Velor." He said in a quiet voice that didn't disguise his anger. "You assured me that these two knew something. That they were higher ups in the organization and they would have information. Once again you were wrong."

"I-It's not my fault good knight!" Velor said nervously. "I was assured by a reliable source that they were higher ups and that they would have the information you sought! Please...don't hurt me!"

Valron slowly pulled his sword off his back and pointed the blade directly at the other man's throat. "I want information Velor. I want to meet this so called source of yours and talk to him personally."
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