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“Now now my dear, no need to be so quiet. I assure you I don’t bite…that hard,”

Emi's shivering was becoming more noticeable. She was a reaver, an assassin, but she operated in the shadows, away from everyone and mostly in the cover of night to hide from crowds or people. It seemed a good fit for an occupation. Given her scars and the treatment she needed for her skin was costly, assassin work paid well enough for this. So, whenever she was around people, her emotions would run wild, not to mention the physical trauma caused by years of insults, beatings, and just general teasing.

"I... I ...", she lowered her head even more...closing her eyes, visibly shivering even more. She suddenly opened her eyes when she heard Tegan speak.

"Vakarr, you're not helping." She took the man away from the table, she relaxed a bit, anyone could tell as she wasn't shivering as much. Then the woman spoke again.

"It's okay, you have nothing to fear from us."

Emi glanced from her lap to Tegan's face, her expression softened a bit.

"O-okay", Emi managed to mutter. She was intently listening to what was going on around her, but mostly because the Elf and the Bard woman were being really loud, and given the fact that there was mostly no one around except a few drunk people in a table close to the exit, it was easy to listen.

"I am... not so good... with... people", Emi said in the same almost whisper volume she had been replying before.

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