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"What's going on here?"

Valron turned to look at the man who had walked over to their table and then turned back to look at Velor. He narrowed his eyes as the man's eyes widened in fear as the sword edged a little bit closer to his throat. "Nothing much." He said casually.

I-I assure you that I know nothing!" Velor whispered in fear as the sword actually touched his throat without breaking the skin.

Valron smiled. "If that's true then why does it seem that whenever I get information from you I always end up fighting these foot solders? And they always seem ready for me no matter how quietly I approach them?"

"Blind luck on their part?" Velor said in a voice filled with fear.

"Wrong." Valron said "I suspect that you are somehow affiliated with the purge. And I think you've been trying to get me killed."
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