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"Nothing much."

This actually drew a laugh from Tael.

"Is this a normal day for you, holding a man at sword-point?", he asked, slightly chuckling.

He saw the other man widen his eyes in fear, as the sword touched his throat.

"If that's true then why does it seem that whenever I get information from you I always end up fighting these foot solders? And they always seem ready for me no matter how quietly I approach them?"

"I assure you, I do not know this man.", he said, gesturing his hand. "And I'm no footsoldier.", he added.

"I suspect that you are somehow affiliated with the Purge. And I think you've been trying to get me killed."

Tael widened his eyes at this, instinctively drawing both of his swords. He kept them firmly in his hands, keeping them at his sides.

"This man is affiliated with the Purge?", asked Tael, in a firm voice. If he was, then he deserved death.

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