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Vakarr stared at Tegan in silence. The elf was indeed bold, he'd give her that. He looked over to a skirmish he heard and saw a human pointing his sword at another. He watched as another human walked over to try to stop this from going on. Vakarr snorted as he looked at the three. Humans, they were such revolting creatures in his mind. They were selfish and greedy, and any nobility they showed was only to make them look better. He turned his attention back to Tegan and Emi, chuckling slightly.

"Not so good with socializing? Don't worry my dear, you're not alone." Vakarr said. That was as close to nice as he'd get for now.

Vakarr looked back to see how the skirmish was going. He heard one word that stuck out from the rest...Purge. Now that he was listening more intently, he picked up that the one man being held at sword-point might be a Purge spy. He watched as a human female walked over and began taunting this captured man. Vakarr looked to Emi and Tegan.

"Its quite a bold claim they're making over there," Vakarr said.
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