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Cadice Marin, unsettled by the news that there was a spy at the Cretia Facility, had decided to high-tail it back there in case Sina needed her. However, something gnawed at her mind: where were Mio and the others? They had been assigned to a combat sortie; was she going as a medic or not? Instead of heading through the visitors' exit near her at the command center, sought out another desk clerk--as nondescript as the first two.

"Could you please tell me where soldiers go before they depart on a mission?"

The desk clerk rolled his eyes. "Hangar bay, ma'am, but you're not a soldier."

"I might be tagging along on a mission under Mio Kobayakawa as a medic."

"Is she with you? No. That's why I don't quite believe you. Now get lost--Doctor."
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