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Yeah, || is logical OR as you found from tk's tut.... thanks tk102
I might be able to explain a use for that...

In a scenario where there were multiple ways to get to the desired outcome, acheivable by entirely different means.

Case A: Annihilate by incendiary, had to kill the girl
Case B: Overload and sabotage, the girl is your partner
Case C: Sweet talk the mayor.... but you had to rescue the girl

All three are acceptable outcomes to satisfy beginning our end-game. So,

if A || B || C
    warp endgamemoduleofdoomforevernoooooooooo;
A, B and C are not simple predicates, they have && clauses built into them: (incendiary && kill girl) (overload and team up) (politics and rescue). This complexity and mixture of and's/or's allows you to evaluate a broad set of conditions in one statement.

Is that a decent explanation? I really don't know

@DJW.... Did you try playing with KTool? There is a GetIsDead(oCreature)!
as for "oGoodbye", the "o" indicates that Goodbye is an object, not a function. Further, since it has the "o" prefix, it means that Goodbye is just a nameholder for an object being used in a script. This is the script shack, I am happy to help, but please spend some time with the basic tut's!

Want to play a game of ME3MP?

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