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I Recommend *Blank* Class

For those that have now have at least tried a few different classes.

1. What classes and specialties have you played?

2. What is your favorite class? Please list the class, specialty and the reason you love it.

3. What is least favorite class? Please list the class, specialty and the reason you hate it.

4. Which class do you think was the easiest?

5. Which class/specialty do you think was the hardest?

6. Which class/specialty do you think is the best for solo?

7. Which class/specialty do you think should only be done solo by those with rocks in their head?

Everyone is going to have different answers to these questions. I may like the challenge of completing the game with the type of character that you believe is just stupid to attempt. There may also be some of us that enjoy playing a class that we can go through the game with very little challenge. This isn’t a thread to make fun of peoples likes and dislikes, it is a thread to help each other, from experience, pick a future class based on others experiences and our own preferences.

1. Main Toon – Smuggler, Scoundrel, Sawbones. Skill Tree at Level 49. Although I will respec after completing the main quest. Get rid of Anatomy Lessons for Med Screen.

Also have played; Trooper – Commando, Jedi Knight - ?, Jedi Consular - ?, Sith Inquisitor – Sith Assassin.

2. Can’t go against my main Toon, but the reason I love her has nothing to do with specialty, but everything to do with the smuggler storyline and her smart ass mouth. I can guarantee you that I will do another smuggler before I am done with TOR and she will be a gunslinger.

3. Least favorite so far are either of the Jedi. At first I thought it was because of their fighting styles, but I love the Sith Inquisitor. Guess I really haven’t played them long enough to form a proper opinion.

4. Trooper – No doubt and no one will convince me otherwise.

5. Unknown as of now. Haven’t played long enough on my other Toons to give an informed opinion.

6. Again, haven’t played long enough to give an opinion. I will say Smuggler, Scoundrel, Sawbones while not easy is possible as I am at level 49 and ½ way to 50. It can be frustrating at times and requires patience and perseverance (otherwise known as stubbornness), it is possible. If I can do it, anyone can. If the first couple of worlds are any indication, then my gut tells me, Trooper – Commando- Gunnery may have the easiest time solo.

7. Smuggler, Scoundrel, Sawbones… I’m living proof.

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