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  • Bounty Hunter Mercenary (DPS) - level 50
  • Sith Warrior Juggernaut (Tank) - level 50
  • Trooper Commando (DPS) - level 35
  • Imperial Agent Sniper (DPS) - level 29 (beta) / 15 (live)
  • Sith Inquisitor Sorcerer (DPS) - level 22
  • Smuggler Gunslinger (DPS) - level 20
  • Jedi Knight Sentinel (DPS) - level 11
  • Jedi Consular Shadow (DPS) - level 11

2. Mechanics-wise, the BH Merc/Trooper Commando is a pretty great class to play PVE. As I've said elsewhere, with this class you can solo the game without breaking a sweat. Has a whole toolkit full of goodies to handle just about any situation.

3. At this point I'm not overly fussed on the SW Juggernaut/JK Guardian melee tank class. I think there are some definite flaws with it. Whilst opinion on what is wrong and to what to degree (if any) is not universal, from what I've seen over at the official forums there are plenty of other people unhappy with the class.

4. BH/Trooper was by far the easiest. Especially early on they have the wood on most every other class. I am expecting it to be heavily nerfed at some point, as is the way with MMOs.

5. Tanks and Healers are difficult classes by their very nature, so pick any and all of them for this one.

6. Pretty much any DPS class is a solid bet, but Mercenary/Commando is pretty hard to go past at this stage for #1 solo class. As Lynk suggests below, the BH having a healing companion first may give them the slight edge over Troopers, although Troopers get their other companions quicker to compensate. Not that you'd really ever use any of them in preference to a healer as a DPS class.

7. A pure Healer is obviously trending fairly heavily away from optimal for solo play.

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