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Emi could feel the atmosphere around the tavern tense up. She could feel the emotions of terror the man at sword-point was feeling. If he was indeed with the purge, he deserved to die... that's what everyone else kept saying, or thinking. Somehow, she needed to go away, not be around when they take his life. Not because she couldn't witness it, but because...

She shut her eyes with force, as if she was bracing herself up for something. Being a reaver, the soul of the man would be absorbed by her the moment it left his body, it was the one think she hadn't learned to control properly, before she ran away.

She gritted her teeth and kept her eyes closed, she kept her head down and clenched her fists on the mid section of her cloak, gripping it tight. Maybe they couldn't see it, and there was no way they would be able to tell she was a soul reaver just by sight.

Please... not here... please... She kept saying in her mind, the voices of the souls she had absorbed often spoke in her mind, but as she had become so adept at escaping to her own world, she was able to withdraw herself just enough to keep them silent.

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