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"As for are ageless and magnificent. If I have any more dreams--any more communication from V'toryv--you can help."

It was both what he was, and wasn't expecting to hear from her, the Elf nodded, the Dwarf at his side simply shaking her head and rolling her eyes, moving back to the empty table she had come from.

His eyes began to glow, and then glazed over with a violet hue, completely altering his natural eye color, wisps of ethereal haze licking up towards the ceiling, but dissipating from existence before it even went above the mask.

"It's a good thing I'm alone. If I'd had a husband beside me these past few weeks, he might as well have moved out due to all my thrashing about while he's trying to sleep, and kicking off the covers!" The Bard mentioned, the Elf simply shaking his head slightly.

"A lifemate indeed...." The Elf scoffed quietly to the side, his shoulders jerking up as he let out a breath through his nose. "....No. Best that you not have someone, lest he be inept for the tasks and journey ahead - left to be alone, slain by the Purge as you go ever farther away.....Or worse," the Elf commented as the woman distracted herself with others around her, whether she heard his words were unknown, as increasing commotion from the surrounding patrons drew her away from the bar.

Though his eyes were not on what was happening at the table where the humans had been gathering, his sharp elven ears were. He heard everything of what was said after the Bard had decided to depart from her place at the bar beside him; shaking his head as things quickly began to turn violent.

He looked up at the mage who'd been questioning the Bard before him and shook his head once more, commenting dryly, though more to himself than to the mage, "How like the race of Man to be so full of vehemence, assumptions, and fear."

With that the Elf got up from the bar, moving over to an empty table in the tavern, one apart from the Dwarf's. As he did the barmaid sought to address him, but almost as if he could hear her finger raising and mouth opening he angled his head over his shoulder, one violet eye glaring her to silence even before she had spoken.

Th Elf kept listening to the exchange of words taking place at the table where the now apparent and evident Purge spy was being questioned mercilessly.

As things heated up and another, somewhat more sensible man approached the table, the Elf felt that it was time to pull the Bard from her revelry, her anger and disgust for the Purge spy had already brought out the mention of the great Wyrm, and knowing that the spy was there, who was to say there weren't more.

He stood, his figure now far more evident while he was standing; he was tall - taller than even the man who'd approached the group at the table. His enlarged shoulders from his leather pauldrons, tattered and primitive clothes, and his gaunt figure - coupled with his mask and headdress - made him all the more like a wraith from the bowels of an accursed forest of some sort. Approaching the bard from behind, he reached out and pulled her shoulder back, turning her towards him.

"Now is neither the place nor time for this. Don't waste your efforts in killing a gutter-spawn such as him, hunt those of the Purge that need to be hunted: soldiers, and superiors," he hissed at them. "Though I would gladly hunt any one of the race of Man, Purge or not, if it ensured my people's safety. Let time wither him away like he deserves, as he crawls through life clawing at causes such as the Purge to make him feel needed, to leave his legacy, only to have it fade from existence with his last breath as he dies in the filth of his own sins!"

These last words were far more heated, showing an apparent, 'despise', of those who belonged to the race of Man; the comment quite evidently directed towards those of the race of Man who were present, more than just the spy himself.

The Elf calmed quickly, his attention reverting to the Bard, and the Bard alone this time, speaking quietly, "You've let yourself slip once. Who's to say that this man is the only spy? Pull out of this bout now, before your 'human nature' proves Atta's trust in you false, and you end up a corpse by dawn!"

The Elf said no more, pulling away from the Bard, he eyed the group of people at the table, leering at them with callus eyes. As he turned around he almost immediately saw the Dwarf at her table, cheek-resting-on-fist, she simply shook her head at him, he squinted at her, but went and sat down at his table.

((If I may make a request. Please do not kill the spy, he will be invaluable in giving the Purge Leader - that would be me, per MsFicwriter's permission - reason to 'follow', per-say, our little - or pretty big - band of misfits. If you do kill him, then I'll just have to have another spy at the tavern like my elf character suspected.))

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