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All on vinyl, cause yeah...

Mastodon - Crack the Skye

-- Because I want The Last Baron's thirteen minute epic-ness in a physical form.

Comets on Fire - Avatar

-- I downloaded this album originally because a song appeared on a music podcast DJ'd by Valient Himself. It sounded like if KISS was ordered to write a song that was like Yes' Roundabout - a long, jam filled piece of classic rock awesomeness.

LCD Soundsystem - Losing My Edge 12" EP

-- Pretty cool, huh? I can go from sludge metal to psychedelic jam rock to 2002 club electronic music in one shopping spree. From the looks of it this is the first thing LCD Soundsystem ever released... and I only recently realized how great of a song it is. I managed to snipe an auction on eBay for <$14 with literally 2 seconds left in the auction. At the moment of writing I'm waiting for it in the mail, but you should give the song a listen. The music video is a little truncated, but pretty funny. Losing My Edge video

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