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1. What classes and specialities have you played?
I've played all 8 classes, but I've spent the most time playing my Vanguard on the Republic side and Marauder on the Imperial side.

2. What is your favourite class? Please list the class, speciality and the reason you love it.
I have two favourites...

Lynk | Trooper Vanguard | Ranger Tank | Playing this class has made me appreciate tanking and despite a couple of moves that aren't as smooth as the Bounty Hunter counterparts, I've had a lot of fun playing as the Vanguard... to me, this class is my favourite in terms of gameplay.

Silvana | Sith Marauder | Melee DPS | Playing through the story for this class is so awesome because she's a Sith pureblood but I'm taking her down the light side instead of the dark. Every scene is absolutely brilliant and intriguing with her... definitely my favourite in terms of story.

Also, I'm really finding the Operative to be really awesome too, great gameplay AND story.

3. What is least favourite class? Please list the class, speciality and the reason you hate it.
The Jedi Consular and Sith Inquisitor as a whole are definitely my least favourite. Don't like channeled moves. I also don't really like the whole cover system so the Smuggler Gunslinger and Agent Sniper aren't my thing either.

4. Which class do you think was the easiest?
I can't really answer that since I've had a pretty good time with most of them...

5. Which class/speciality do you think was the hardest?
...the ones I do find the hardest to play are the ones that are my least favourite.

6. Which class/speciality do you think is the best for solo?
Mercenary. All of the attacks are silky smooth and you can pull them off with great ease and you start off with a healer companion.

7. Which class/speciality do you think should only be done solo by those with rocks in their head?
This game does a good job and narrowing the gap between how certain classes perform in solo play because of the companions... they make all the difference and all you really need to do is be clever with the way you play the game to beat it solo if it's with a more specialised class. |

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