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Ok... It seems to me that there should not be an issue with how you are going about this. I guess I would like to see the code that you created, vs. the vanilla code posted here. If I understand you correctly, you modified these lines:
string stringGLOB_4 = "g_w_lghtsbr01";   <-- Subbing "pc_lghtsbr_001"?
string stringGLOB_5 = "g_w_lghtsbr03";
string stringGLOB_6 = "g_w_lghtsbr04";
If this is where you performed your substitutions, I would think everything should work just fine. It is simple variable substitution, and the only thing you should have to change are the tags.... as you said.

I am wondering... Did you make this change, and then not use a fresher save where that script had not been called yet? It may be as simple as module memory blocking your new version from firing.

If this is not the simple solution, hopefully one of our more skilled contributors here in the shack can give you a heads up!

EDIT: This may sound stupid. It may be stupid. The filename lengths are different.... 13 chars for "g_w_lghtsbr01" versus 14 chars for "pc_lghtsbr_001". This shouldn't matter, as long as it is less than 16 chars.... but stranger things have been the cause of issue in these games!

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