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Tael watched as the situation heated up, with the knight holding a medallion of the Purge that he drew from the man's pocket. The Elven ushered the bard to move away, and Tael took the opportunity to "talk" with the spy.

"The situation doesn't warrant any debate.", he said in a dark tone, "Anyone who's had even the slightest association with the Purge shouldn't leave this place alive.". He gripped his swords, and thrusted them into the man's chest. He pulled them out, and put his boot onto the man's neck.

"No one will miss you.", he said, pressing down all of his weight onto the boot.

He realized that the bard slipped a few words out that she shouldn't have, so he now had a valid excuse as of why he killed the spy. He brushed the blood off of his blades, the onyx shining in the light.

((I have a valid excuse! ))

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