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Originally Posted by Miltiades View Post
A question about world bosses: seeing as these need a lot of players to take down, how is the loot, experience, codex entry and such divided? In normal situations, when someone attacks an enemy, other players cannot get experience or loot from these enemies unless you're in a group with this player. But because groups are restricted to 4 players, this in theory would mean the loot and experience (and the codex entry) for killing a world boss is restricted to a maximum of 4 players, even when a total of, say, 10 players contributed to its defeat. I'm guessing the world bosses work differently and everyone gets their share as long as they've contributed to the fight?
Regular parties are indeed restricted to 4 player groups, however you can form "Ops Groups" SWTOR's version of Raid groups that can accommodate up to 16 players. You could think of World Bosses as training dummies for boss encounters in Operations, the Hoth and Belsavis World Bosses in particular. Experience wise, you don't really get that much more than a regular elite mob, so xp is pretty much the last thing to think about when tackling a WB. Loot wise, most of the World Bosses drop purple or "Artifact" quality mods and sometimes equipment that is level appropriate for the WB. Again there are some exceptions loot wise, most notably for the Hoth and Belsavis World Bosses that have a chance to drop a Artifice crafting schematic that everyone seems to be after.

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