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"NO!", Was the only thing she was able to say, her voice loud. As the body hit the floor, the soul of the man materialized itself before them. The soul looked around. His voice seemed distant.

"What is this?", the man asked in his confusion. All of a sudden, he started to get pulled to the left, as much as he tried to run, his feet did not seem to touch the ground. He began screaming, trying to grab onto whatever was in the way, but his ethereal hands only went through the table feet and the chairs he so desperately tried to cling to. With a sudden forceful pull he let out one final scream before his spirit impacted with Emi, sending her to the ground on all fours.

It took her a moment to realize she had probably all the eyes of everyone in the bar.

"A reaver!", on of the regulars in the tavern exclaimed.

She opened her eyes, fully taking in the scene around her. She couldn't manage to sit up, instead she crawled away to the next corner, away from everyone else. Her gaze going from one man to the other in the room, not sure what their intention would be after they had witnessed what happened.

"I... didn't... I... can't...", she could not say anything, she was withdrawing but the man's screams were sounding in her head, she could not block it out. She put her hands on her ears and started to rock back and forth, pressing herself to the corner of the room. She could not close her eyes. Not until the soul of the dead spy settled down.

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