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Vakarr could barely stand to watch as the human killed the purge spy. He wasn’t sickened by the kill, that couldn’t have bothered him slightly. It was the fact that despite what he had asked, the human didn’t seem to care and butchered the spy in front of everyone. He felt a little uneasy in his stomach, and was almost afraid to turn around to see Emi’s reaction. The poor woman was probably trying to convince herself it hadn’t happened.

What came next though was something not even he was prepared to witness.
The very spy that had just been slaughtered was now a spirit. He watched as the spirit was suddenly pulled towards something and he could do nothing to get himself out of it. The spirit phased through Vakarr as he made his way towards Emi. Vakarr watched Emi, completely caught off guard now. She wasn’t afraid to watch the man die…she was a reaver, one bar patron had pointed out.

He glanced to the woman who had spoke up, and how they should all flee before the Purge came. He found himself in agreement with her, but to travel with humans? The very idea made him almost sick to his stomach. He would have given his opinion, but instead heard the trembling words of Emi. He turned his gaze back on the now revealed reaver.

The sight he witnessed was actually unnerving , somewhat sad too. Vakarr actually looked to the poor woman with pity. Vakarr’s eyes saw a younger version of himself in her place for just a moment. The feeling of being different, and being judged for it. Then he watched another sight he was not ready for…the human woman came to Emi’s aid. This woman was actually trying to protect her, even though she was a reaver. Vakarr slowly began to advance towards the two, his hands held up to show he meant no danger to them.

“Despite my feelings, I shall follow you miss…fight with you if need be,” Vakarr said to Per’da. He looked to Emi and held his hand out to her to help her back to her feet.

“She’s right, we must go,” Vakarr said to Emi in a softer tone.
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