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((Sorry for falling behind, let me know if I need to change anything.))

"I'm getting out of here. Does anyone want to join me? If we flee to the woods, we have a better chance of escape."

Valron turned to look at the man who had just killed Velor and shook his head in mild disappointment. "I really would have liked to kill him but I can't help but think he would have given up the information if we had beaten him a bit."

He then turned to look at the Per'dra and nodded as he walked over to her and the half-elf. "I will travel with you. And I swear that I will keep you and the half-elf safe from harm. I have already seen enough people lost to the purge, I refuse to see anyone else die at their hands."

He then turned to look at the half-elf and smiled a very dark smile at the crowds that were still looking at her. "I believe that the woman told you to leave. Now you can either leave now...or I can chase each and everyone of you out of here."

He pulled the sword off his back and pointed it at the crowd and smiled again just to show that he meant business.
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