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As more patrons spilled out of the tavern, a man with a simple peasant's smock and hood sat, feet propped up on the table, staring at the group still left in the building. No one really noticed him simply because he looked just like everyone else, was inconspicuous, minding his business, his gaze hidden by the raised hood, thus drawing no attention to himself. He was a normal man, minding himself.....

The man smirked in the darkness of his hood as the spy was slain, if anyone had seen this they would have assumed he was simply smiling at another member of the Purge being slain.

Though currently things had died down, many people were gone, though still more were left too. The man finally moved, lowering his feet from the table, unnoticed, he stood, throwing a gold coin at the barmaid for a drink he hadn't even taken a single sip from - this is what drew the Dwarf's attention. Her life of hardship had taught her one thing, peasants didn't give, or have, gold coins, and if they did, they kept them for hard times in a safe place. The Dwarf perked herself upright, more-so than when the Reaver girl had taken in the soul of the Purge spy, this alerting the Elf, who'd been sulking at his table, ignoring even the death of the Purge spy, and only barely taking notice of the incident with the Reaver girl.

As if time itself had slowed they watched eyes growing ever wider as a deep seated fear began to grow in both of them. The man smirked once more, speaking normally, though to the group in the corner they would not hear, the Elf's sharp ears did, while the Dwarf nearby the man could barely see his lips moving in the shadow of his hood, but reading and listening to all she could as she slowly began to lift from her seat.

"Poor Velor, his service to the cause will be remembered, though, hours? Sooner than that I say...." The man spoke cryptically, his words unheard to all but one, and grazed and guessed by another.

The fear grew, time slowed to a near halt it seemed, the man reaching into his pocket, the Dwarf now on her feet, the Elf launching across his table straight at the man, sword being drawn, eyes glowing ever brighter.

A moment, and then another - time had stopped. The man's hand out of his pocket, placing an object on the table, the Dwarf maiden turning towards the group in the corner, her mouth gaping open as she made to shout at them, her finger jabbing out towards the man as he walked out the tavern door.

Then, as if time had been snapped back in place, it all came screeching together - "Hey! Here! HERE!!!"

The sound of tables and chairs crashing, glass shattering, a distant sound of the door shutting. The Elf popped his head up from the ruination of the table the man had been sitting at, watching as the man himself walked past the outside front bay window of the tavern, his head turning to look on those inside, the light capturing his smirk as he strolled out of view. It was a cryptic, haunting farewell to those who remained.

The Dwarf was out the door, charging past the window outside the tavern, the Elf stood, staring down at an object in his hand, his ebony sword in the other. Moments later the Dwarf returned, shaking her head in despair, the man had vanished into the oily black shadows of the slums of Paryer.

The Elf stared down at his hand for what seemed ages, the Dwarf approaching, looking at the object, her arms going limp at her sides, her mouth gaping open in shock. The Elf looked up at the group, his eyes spewing forth ethereal fog, a sense of barely contained rage was seen behind them. Lifting the object that he had up into plain sight of the others: a Purge pendent, the exact same as the one Velor had.

"I knew it!" He spat vehemently.

And almost as if queued by the very revelation of the pendent itself the sound of trampling feet could be heard outside, cries echoing in the distance, a glow seen on the horizon. The Dwarf bolted for the window, looking outside, her eyes grew wide with shock and terror.

The scene was that of people standing in the threshold of their houses, others in the streets, or looking from windows, people pointing and crying and shouting, others charging down the street - the sound of the trampling feet. In the distance one could see the glow: immense flames were engulfing the city, screams of death heard in the distance.

The Dwarf turned back to the others and rasped, "They've started in the Gold District!"

"The rich are as much scum in their eyes as the poor, they only cozy up to them for needed favors and supplies. No one is spared the Purge!" The Elf spoke up, his eyes on the pendent, his hand trying to crush the bronze metal object, but to no avail.

"We gotta go, we gotta get out of here!" the Dwarf panicked, rushing to grab her things from her table.

The Elf went to throw the pendent at the window, but halted, putting it in a pouch instead. "They'll have planned for the slums to see this, or else the flames would not be so evident, even without looking out there I can tell you that.....They'll have a trap set, much like my people do for hunters; the panicked and scared will run out of the city, only to be caught by waiting columns of Purge soldiers, most will be caught....."

He angled his head at the group as if to answer the question they were all thinking, ".....They'll need recruits. The poor and the frightened make good recruits."

"Tulsí! [Come Now - General translation] We must go," he said as he sheathed his blade and moved towards the Bard. In his mind, she was the only one who mattered, the others could stay, or flee in whichever direction they desired, it mattered not to him. The Dwarf was right on his tail, though he himself didn't notice.

"You know a city better than I would; lead. Head towards the flames, but not on any direct routes, and at an angle moving away from the flames as you head towards them, so as to leave the city, troops will be moving in walls and phalanxes to push inhabitants towards the other end of the city to be caught by the main columns. Do you understand?" The Elf regarded the Bard, his knowledge of traps and warfare a sign of his people's lifestyle, and agelessness.

((BTW: the time standing still thing was not magic or anything, just a perspective I was trying to portray.))

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