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Vakarr shook his head as the ignorant human came to apologize for his previous actions. He wanted nothing more than to tell this human off. This however would take too long, and the Purge would have made it to the bar by then. Oddly enough the human looked older than him, by quite a few years actually. It was sad that he was older, yet still making the actions one in their early youth would make. The only thing he did do was snort in disapproval; it was short and showed how he felt.

Soon the outside world got much louder as shouts were heard. It seemed the Purge was already making their attack on the city. They were going to need a plan to evacuate, and quickly. It seemed this plan would come quicker than he expected as a tall being approached the group. Vakarr was initially surprised to see someone taller than him, but quickly got over it given the situation.

The tall being gave his opinion on what should be done to escape, quite an intelligent plan actually. This was a bit of a blessing for Vakarr for he only really had Emi that he considered some type of worthy ally. Another intelligent being was wonderful, especially amongst these reckless humans.

“What he says makes sense. My skills in the magical arts are not the greatest, but I do know a few protection spells that could help,” Vakarr said, stating his opinion and giving an offer.

He also had his strength and defense, but he felt he didn’t really need to state that. He would use the spell on anyone in the group…even one of these humans. He’d need as many people with him as he could find if they wanted a chance of getting out of the city. That way if they did get caught, they’d be able to fight back. Still he was already forming a hierarchy of people he’d assist first to who he’d assist only after being sure those first few weren’t in any trouble. Vakarr looked over at Emi.

“Stay close to me,” Vakarr said with a nod. “I’ll need someone to protect me from them,” he added jokingly.

Usually his humor was dark, this one was much more innocent. It was in no way an insult to her skills, which at this point he was certain she had. This was simply based on their appearances. That he a large heavily armored being would need protection from someone who was smaller than he was. It was an attempt to make her feel better after what had happened to her.
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